What makes the wig look natural?

Aside from investing in a very well-made European hair wig, there are a few
things to keep in mind as a new or novice wig wearer.

Illusion! Illusion! illusion!

Just like the three things to remember in real estate are location location
location. Wearing a wig is truly only about fooling the viewer’s eye. The art
of distraction is alive and well when it comes to wearing wigs! I like to think
of your three main weapons as colour, texture and style.

  • When you see a wig that is one length and a single colour (no lowlights,
    highlights, shadow root etc)
  • The perfection of it makes you focus on areas that are most difficult to
    make look natural. i.e the scalp and hairline. Imagine now that the same
    wig has a multidimensional colour, a little wave, lots of layers and
    perhaps some kind of a fringe. There is so much going on that the viewer
    cant zoom in on any one aspect of the wig
  • This is what I like to call distracting the viewer’s eye. Once these 3 main
    tools are well utilized the rest is just a matter of fitnesse and personal

Let's break it down....

1. Colour

You may have been a plain brunette all your life but adding a little zing to your colour will go a
long way in the Wigan department. I cannot reiterate it enough – the busier the better! Consider
doing a root dab (darkening the root colour one or more inches down the shaft of the hair from
the root) to add a little depth to your base colour. After that, a good colourist can guide you in
choosing some later tones to add to your base colour. The possibilities can range from subtle
baby highlights to pop babies

1. baby lights

What makes the wig look natural?

2. Balayage

What makes the wig look natural?

3. Ombré

What makes the wig look natural?

So strategically placed highlights around the face can do incredible things to
brighten up and more muted luck. Don’t forget it’s a wig, so you never have to go
get your roots done again!


Silky straight hair is stunning, but it is also sometimes the hardest texture to pull
off the illusion required for a seamless wig. This is particularly true if the style is
long, one length, and without any type of fringe.

Choosing hair with a little bit of body creates great movement and dimension. If
you’re open to going a little further down the path of texture, loose wave or curl
can be amazing. I challenge anyone to find a straight wig that looks more natural
than a curly wig. Hands down, curls win the competition of most natural-looking
wigs. Although no to curl patterns are the same, curl patterns include

4. swavy

What makes the wig look natural?

5. Wavy

What makes the wig look natural?

6. Botticelli

What makes the wig look natural?

7. Corkscrew

Human hair wigs new York

Needless to say, I’m very biased towards curly-haired wigs because of how
natural they look and how easy they are to maintain (think wash and wear). At
the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. You have to choose
what makes you feel most like yourself and confident

3. Choosing a hairstyle for your wig.

Ahhhh… Life is an endless struggle, but eventually, we find a hairstyle that we
like. Choosing a hairstyle for your wig is even more challenging. There are
certainly more limitations when cutting styles in wigs than in bio hair but they are
compounded by the geography of the wig where it’s faced. Yes, everyone’s face
has its unique geography. Consider the forehead; a wig wearer should have a
forehead that is four fingers width above the arch of her eyebrow

What makes the wig look natural?
What makes the wig look natural?

This type of forehead height allows for styles that are open along the hairline (no

However, a shorter forehead will find achieving a natural look without a fringe
very challenging

Human hair wigs new York
Human hair wigs new York
Ultimately it’s important to have reasonable expectations of not only what styles
suit your unique face geography but also what can be reasonably expected from
a wig. Working with a knowledgeable wigmaker/stylist is priceless when choosing 
the perfect style to achieve your wig-wearing goals. Find someone that is
experienced (preferably someone that wears wigs herself) and has your best
interest at heart

XOXO Paula.

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