Wig Stores in Miami: Custom Solutions for Hair Loss

Hair loss is an extremely sensitive issue for women, and addressing solutions for your particular situation is our specialty. Whether you need something temporarily or are looking to slowly go from partial to complete coverage, Paula’s Wig Boutique, the premier location of wig stores in Miami, is here to make the journey with you.

Wigs Miami: Who are our clients and what makes us unique?

We appreciate that every woman is unique, and her hair loss needs are equally unique. Our highly trained staff are well-versed in all areas of making, fitting, and styling, having worked with a diverse audience, including women with female pattern balding, chemotherapy, hair loss due to medication and/or surgery, trichotillomania, and gender transition.

Our clients’ privacy and sense of safety is of utmost importance to us so we offer private consultation rooms to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Our on-site wig workshop and full service wig salon makes the process of creating the perfect piece for you comprehensive and efficient. We are completely here for you through the entire process. With most of our staff wearing wigs or hairpieces themselves, we are uniquely prepared to help and train you in the art of wig wearing.

Comprehensive solutions for hair loss: What you can expect on your first visit.

Paula’s Wig Boutique offers a free, no obligation consultation where a professional perruquier will assess your hair loss and discuss possible solutions as well as giving you a timeframe for project completion. Our boutique boasts a large stock of readymade pieces so you don’t have to completely leave it to your imagination. After your consultation you are welcome to give us the go ahead or spend some time considering the options you are offered. A follow up appointment can be booked whether you choose to make a purchase or wish to have some time to consider.

Your second appointment may involve fitting, color consultation, or cutting. We generally expect 1-2 return visits after your first consultation.

Beyond Wig Stores: Restoring Womens Confidence

Our mission statement is “Restoring Women’s Confidence”. We are highly motivated to normalize alternative hair wearing and create a safe space for women who are experiencing hair loss for whatever reason.

Our commitment is to empower you, ensuring that you feel beautiful and confident, no matter what stage of hair loss you may be navigating.

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