Styling Tips for Your Human Hair Wig

Natural human hair wigs, often custom-crafted for a seamless and authentic transformation, exude timeless beauty. Our skilled artisans meticulously handcraft these bespoke wigs, using only premium-quality hair. Just like real hair, these wigs can be washed and styled to your liking. However, it’s crucial to handle them with care to prevent any strand loss or damage.

In the heart of Toronto, our wigs offer endless versatility when it comes to different looks and styles. Initially, styling a wig apart from your head may feel unfamiliar, so here are some valuable tips for styling your human hair wig or topper.

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Human Hair Wig Styling Tips

Style your wig locks just as you would with your natural hair – whether it’s combing, wearing it up or down, applying gel, or using heat for curls or straightening. It’s all achievable with the right knowledge.

  • Style and Store Your Wig With a Mannequin Head
    Simplify the styling process by using a mannequin head. This practical tool keeps your wig secure during styling, allows you to view it from every angle, and ensures your chosen style remains tangle-free during storage.
  • Swap Your Metal Bristle Brush for a Paddle Brush with Synthetic or Boar’s Bristles
    Avoid using metal brushes, as they can be harsh on the wig’s hair. Instead, opt for a wide-paddle brush to gently work out any knots, starting at the ends and working your way to the root.
  • Start With a Clean Slate
    Before you begin styling, it’s essential to cleanse your wig. Product buildup, dirt, and oils can accumulate over time, affecting styling results. To enhance performance, wash and dry your wig piece. Keep in mind that styling wet human hair wigs can lead to damage, so opt for air drying or use the coolest setting on a hair dryer.
  • Protect Hair Against Heat
    Whenever you use heat for styling, always apply a protective product. Choose products specifically recommended by professional wig stylists. Limit the use of hot styling tools to once a week, as excessive heat treatment can cause the hair to become dry and make it prone to split ends.
  • Add Moisture for Softness
    Hydrate the hair with oils/serums but remember that moderation is key when using any product. Products for adding moisture to Hair Art are constantly evolving, so be sure to speak to a professional when looking for a recommendation.

Keeping your wig clean, minimizing heat exposure, and using the right products will help maintain its lustrous appearance and overall health.

  • To Straighten:
    Divide the hair into four to six sections, starting from the bottom. Gradually run the straightener along these sections, beginning about an inch away from the scalp. Move the straightener slowly without pulling or lingering on each section for too long. Finish by setting the style with a light coating of wig-friendly finishing product.
  • To Curl:
    Divide the hair into sections and clip each section out of the way. For tighter curls, use smaller sections, and for looser curls, opt for larger segments. Wrap the hair around the curling iron barrel for up to 15 seconds for small curls and seven seconds for softer ones. For waves, divide the hair in half and curl each section partially from the ends. Afterward, use your fingers to style the curls and apply a mist of hairspray.

YouTube is a great resource for watching styling tutorials.

By selecting the right color and cut that complements your face shape and features and mastering the art of styling and caring for your wig, you can ensure that your exclusive hairpiece maintains its beauty for an extended period.

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