Real Wigs for Real People

We professionally and lovingly create our “real” wigs using natural 100% European hair – the gold standard among wig makers. Beyond fashion and variety, we also cater to those undergoing medical treatment and other types of hair loss—for example, those observing religious requirements. Our human hair wigs and toppers are ready to wear or custom-made to suit your features and style, including blonde, red, and curly pieces.

Why Choose Real Human Hair Wigs?


Synthetic hair is no substitute for healthy, beautiful human hair, especially when long-term wig use is necessary. Choosing hand-made, customized Caucasian hair wigs from dedicated Miami-based career wig designers offers numerous benefits.


  • Real hair wigs look more natural than synthetic versions, with genuine shine, movement, and texture.
  • Human hair pieces are more comfortable – lightweight and breathable.
  • This type of wig is customizable to fit your head shape and size perfectly.
  • Human hair is more versatile than synthetic material – you can safely cut, color, and heat-style natural tresses.
  • Authentic hairpieces last longer than synthetic hair wigs, offering improved value for money at a slightly higher investment.
  • Wig maintenance is more manageable.
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Woman wearing blonde human hair wig

Our bespoke human hair wigs are fitted by caring (wig-wearing) staff in a safe, non-judgmental setting, helping to restore confidence and optimism. Paula’s Wig Boutique can also create wigs from your own hair for optimized realism while yours grows back.

Why Choose Our Wigs?


An initial, obligation-free consultation with you helps us establish your hair needs, preferences, and wig dimensions. Creating organic hair wigs is labor-intensive and requires professional skill and experience.


We start by sourcing the best hair from Europe, which is healthy and fine yet strong. Remy hair is selectively assessed and processed to ensure unidirectional cuticle alignment for strength and stylability.


We carefully sort the hair to remove damaged strands and then wash it. At Paula’s Wig Boutique, we love maintaining the natural hair color where possible, but we can expertly color and process the strands to match client requests.


Our team then painstakingly hand or machine sews or ties the strands into a fine mesh cap. Lace fronts and full lace construction offer a natural-looking mesh or lace front cap for a lifelike hairline. Ventilated wigs only use hand tying, making them the most high-quality and realistic.


Finally, we cut or style the hair to create an appealing ready-to-wear or customized piece. We carefully check the wig after manufacture to ensure quality and fit for tailor-made wigs. We can also repair and renovate wigs purchased from us. Please browse our “Real Women Wearing Real Wigs” gallery for an idea of our unique creations and craft excellence.

With Various Wig Stores in Miami, Why Choose Paula’s Wig Boutique?


Beyond helping restore the confidence of real women with our peerless real wigs, we are a family business with sincere motives. We value each of our clients, ensuring you leave our studio with your crowning glory and confidence restored. Visit our Hollywood Boulevard store or contact us today to book a consultation

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