Latina Influencer Maria Marin Finds Her Perfect Wig

If you had told 61-year-old motivational speaker Maria Marin that her next human hair wigs in Miami would be sassy little short numbers, she would’ve laughed in your face. For years, people have associated Maria with luxuriously long extensions and toppers. As she started considering how much easier wearing a complete wig would be, she found herself looking to purchase wigs in Miami. A friend suggested she visit Paula’s Wig Boutique, and that was the start of something beautiful.

Maria is followed by over 14 million Spanish-speaking women who trust her advice in all things related to health, fitness, and happiness. Her target audience is women reaching midlife and beyond, and her focus is empowering women and providing them tools to feel confident at any age. She definitely practices what she preaches, and at 61, she is a vibrant, confident woman exuding happiness and stability.

When she found the perfect human hair wigs in Miami, she felt she was reborn and knew she had to share this incredible confidence tool with her followers. She is now launching her own website, “,” where she helps her followers personally find the best wigs in Miami at Paula’s Wig Boutique.

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