The 5 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Wig

1. Hair, hair, hair, hair!

Always look for hair that is very similar in every way to your bio hair. Things to look for first are the diameter of the hair shaft, aka the fineness or coarseness of the hair. Human hair (particularly European hair) is surprisingly diverse. When you touch the hair, it should remind you of your hair (unless, of course, you hate your hair, then just choose something that makes you feel fabulous). European human hair wigs are by far the most diverse.

2. Texture

If your hair was a little bit frizzy, choosing bone-straight hair won’t make you feel like yourself. Try to choose hair that mimics the texture of your bio hair. That could be very curly or very straight, and everything in between. Choosing hair that is naturally straight, curly, or wavy and has not been chemically coaxed to be that way (i.e., permed or chemically straightened) will give you very good wear, style ability, and longevity. European hair naturally grows in all textures and colours; however, most wig shops in Toronto sell processed hair wigs, so be sure to ask whether the hair has been chemically altered. For the finest quality, ask for virgin European hair wigs.

3. Style

It is not always feasible to have a wig look just like your own hairstyle due to the limitations of wig design in relation to the wearer’s head geography. For example, if a person has a very low hairline and wears their hair pulled back off their face, it’s not likely that any wig (no matter how much money you spend) will look natural. It’s important to have reasonable expectations about what a wig can and cannot accomplish. Every person is unique, and it’s important to work with a knowledgeable person who can guide the novice wig wearer in choosing the most natural look for them. When choosing wig shops in Toronto, consider asking if the wig specialist is a wig wearer herself. Nothing beats first-hand experience. How much time and effort you want to spend maintaining the wig’s style should also be a consideration. Wash and wear styles are easiest, but if you enjoy styling your own hair and have the time to invest in fussing with a more glamorous style, then absolutely go for it! 

4. Lifestyle

Not all styles work for every lifestyle. Choosing a Farrah Fawcett look when you have two small children is probably a bad idea. Keeping in mind what sort of activities you will do throughout the day while bewigged will make a big difference in your final choice, particularly if you are only able to buy one wig. Always think about practicality.

5. Choose Wisely

Finally, doing your research on wig shops in Toronto before going in for your consultation is ultimately going to save you time and headaches. Choose to work with a reputable business that has been making wigs for many years. Google reviews are a great way to get a feel for the legitimacy of a business. When you go for your consultation, you should feel safe and unpressured, and the environment should be one of dignity and care. A wig purchase is not a trifle, and your trust should be valued.

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