Surviving Cancer as a Medical Professional: Dr Ellen Lebov DO, FACOOG

I’m a board-certified OB/GYN with a fellowship in anti-aging and functional medicine. After transitioning from OB/GYN to practicing in wellness programs, I became ill. I was diagnosed with a rare cancer. On my first appointment at a major cancer center, I was told to call my family and that I would probably survive about one month. Eight years and a long list of treatments later, I am in complete remission. I feel well.


I’m a doctor, a patient, and a cancer survivor. I am now in a unique position to empathize with, advocate for, and medically support patients. Without my ability to understand and participate in medical decisions during my eight-year journey, I know I would not have survived. The one-month prediction, had I accepted it, could have become a reality.


Most patients do not have this advantage. Patients and their families listen to experts and react to the expectations they are given. Certainly, no one is in complete control of the outcome of this devastating illness. Sometimes, however, we can affect the outcome. When we cannot, we can still make beneficial decisions to give ourselves a better quality of life. 


I hope to help patients prevent illness, including cancer, and to support patients along the journey. This means involvement and decisions about treatment, hopefully with support during recovery and remission. When patients are anxious, much of the information they are given cannot be digested, and important questions are not asked. Additionally, when patients’ treatments are completed, many are left to navigate their concerns alone, such as diet, supplements, exercise, sleep, and more.


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After eight years of chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, tubes in my gallbladder and lungs, three years of IV nutrition, pacemaker, and port placement, amongst several other treatments, I feel that there is a reason that I’m here. It is to help others, both medically and emotionally, along their paths.

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