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Learn The 5 Top Things to Consider When Buying A Wig (That No-One is Telling You)

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About Us

I’m a long-time wig-wearer and the proud owner of Paula’s Wig Boutique. Starting from humble beginnings in my small apartment 24 years ago, we now have stores in Toronto and Miami, and a select team of specially trained staff dedicated to creating the exclusive bespoke wig of your dreams.

My mission is to provide women with a superior wig experience so they can avoid any pitfalls and wig-fails, and step out each day looking beautiful and feeling confident.

I am so passionate about wigs because I struggled with my own hair loss 3025 years ago.

While the wig I bought covered my hair loss, it didn’t sit right, it didn’t feel right, it didn't look natural, and I had barely any support once I walked out of the store. Instead of helping me feel better about myself, my wig-wearing experience chipped away at my confidence and self-esteem.

After struggling for years, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I learnt everything I could about wigs, I sourced the finest virgin human hair, and I worked with a custom wig-making shop.

The moment I placed that custom human hair wig on my head, everything changed. There I was! I finally felt like myself again.

At that moment I knew I wanted to share my wig knowledge and provide other women with an empowering and transformative wig solution - as opposed to just covering their hair. And so Paula’s Wig Boutique was born.

For more than two decades our team has helped thousands of women create exceptional wig transformations.

We’ve shared laughs and tears about wig wearing, and we’ve held our clients’ hands (literally and figuratively) throughout the process, so they never have to feel as alone as I once did.

Paula’s Wig Boutique is not just a wig store - it's a wig-wearers community, where every client leaves feeling like the best version of themselves.

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