Look for a transformative hair solution & a wig-wearing community

At Paula’s Wig Boutique we custom fit and style high-end wigs that are undetectable and fitted to perfection.

If you ...

  • Are new to wig-wearing and struggling to know what to look for and whom to trust
  • Are looking for a wig that is truly undetectable and moves like your natural hair
  • Want a wig boutique that is not going to rush you out the door
  • Want a wig-wearing community to offer support and guidance
Picture of two customers wearing wigs from Paula's

Now imagine ...

• A wig boutique where all the consultants are wig-wearers themselves so they know the good, the bad, the fails, and the wins of daily wig-wearing

• A wig boutique which appreciates that a wig is a big financial and emotional investment - so they take the time to listen and offer advice during a free, no-strings-attached, in-person consultation

• A wig boutique where you can come back as often as you need until your wig is styled to your liking AT NO EXTRA COST

• A wig boutique with a supportive wig-wearing community to answer all your questions

“From the moment I stepped into Paula’s Wig Boutique, I felt comfortable.  The atmosphere is professional, courteous, considerate, and understanding.  You feel at home, valued, and accepted.  No question goes unanswered and the advice is from the heart.”

– Mary G

Paula and her staff in Paula's Wig Boutique NYC


We can’t guarantee that you’ll love wearing a wig, but we’ll do everything we can to make you the most exclusive and stunning wig possible.

Our greatest joy is when our clients feel relaxed and relieved during the entire wig selection process, safe in the knowledge that we have your best interests at heart.

And our caring doesn’t stop at the cash register. The level of after-sales support at Paula’s Wig Boutique is unparalleled in the wig world.

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Paula's Wig Boutique's


All our consultants are wig-wearers so we know that buying a wig is unlike buying any other product. It’s an intimate purchase that is deeply enmeshed with your identity and self-worth.

That’s why we offer a

Hair Salon Icon

On-Site Wig Salon

So we can help keep your wig looking fabulous.

Wig Workshop Icon

On-Site Wig Workshop

So we can help keep your wig looking fabulous.

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Sisterhood of wig-wearers to support you at all times.


Paula's Promise

Paula’s Promise means that if your consultant makes styling suggestions that you are not totally satisfied with - it’ll be on US to make it right!

“When I brought my wig, I was very particular about getting the type of curl and colour to match my original hair. Paula’s team continued to redo it for me until it was exactly what I wanted.

The quality of the hair is excellent and has a light feeling to it. Most importantly, the final product looks beautiful and completely natural. I can’t say enough good things about Paula’s service.”

– Cindy


Take the first step to start your transformative hair journey TODAY. 


Book a complimentary consultation, where we’ll …

  • Take the time to understand your needs and expectations
  • Be by your side as you try on our one-of-a-kind bespoke wigs and toppers
  • Guide you through all wig customizations (style, color, and cut)



When you book your free consultation we’ll send you a copy of the Girlfriend’s Guide To Choosing A Stunning High-End Wig by Paula Bisk – a seasoned wig-wearer and founder of Paula’s Wig Boutique


During your free consultation there is no pressure to buy one of our artisan-crafted wigs or toppers. This is our gift to you. Our focus is that you leave empowered and get all your questions answered. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Paula’s Wig Boutique has two locations:

  • Toronto – Canada Location: 3405 Bathurst St North York, Ontario M6A 2C1
  • New York – United States Location: 307 Troy Ave Brooklyn, New York 11213

Yes! We can custom design the perfect integration piece (topper) to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Yes!  With an on-site wig workshop we have worked with many customer to do just that.  Best first step is to book free consult, so we can plan out next steps with you. 

At Paula’s Wig Boutique, we use the highest quality virgin Caucasian (aka Slavic aka European) hair in our one-of-a-kind bespoke wigs and toppers.  

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